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Who we are

Welcome to NAPHK, a cutting-edge startup accelerator program designed to help startups harness the power of web3 technologies. In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, web3 technologies are shaping the future of decentralized applications, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. NAPHK is here to guide your startup through this exciting transformation, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve and unlock new opportunities.

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What we do

NAPHK is a startup accelerator program focused on helping companies adopt web3 technologies. Through its Technology Scheme and Business Scheme tracks, NAPHK provides eligible startups with expert guidance on developing decentralized apps, integrating blockchain solutions, launching tokens, building communities, and implementing web3 features. The program aims to equip startups with the tools and knowledge needed to leverage web3 innovations and business models.

At NAPHK, we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we understand that each startup has its unique vision, challenges, and strengths. That's why we offer these two distinct tracks, allowing you to choose the support that best suits your needs.

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Company news

Image of Private Investor Demo
Private Investor Demo

On June 27th, HHG Digital and Ooosh Tech Lab had the pleasure of co-hosting a Private Investor Demo Day, aimed at introducing HHG Digital as an investment firm and showcasing some web3 projects. This event brought together a handpicked group of visionary web3 investors who passionately share our bold vision for the future of the technological industry.

Image of Sustainable Blockchain event
Sustainable Blockchain: Web 3.0 and ESG for a More Responsible and Accountable Future

It was a short yet insightful Sustainable Blockchains event at Cyberport Hong Kong on June 15! As the organizer of the event, we are immensely grateful for the support of our esteemed guests, judges, and enthusiastic participants

Press Release: NAPHK Partners with Ooosh Tech Lab

NAPHK, a leading web3 accelerator in the Hong Kong tech scene, announces a new partnership with Ooosh Tech Lab to provide startups with greater resources and support to drive innovation

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Whether you're focused on technology development or business strategy, NAPHK's program streams offer the specialized support and resources your startup needs to thrive in the web3 era. Embrace the web3 revolution and elevate your startup with NAPHK.
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