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Pioneering Web3 Enthusiasts United To Accelerate Adoption and Innovation.

At NAPHK, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of web3 startups in Hong Kong. Our team of experienced professionals, industry experts, and dedicated mentors has come together to create an unparalleled accelerator program designed to empower startups in the web3 ecosystem.

Our Mission. Our mission is to provide tailored support and expert guidance to startups focusing on web3 technologies or looking to adopt them. We understand the unique challenges faced by startups in this rapidly evolving landscape, and we are dedicated to helping them navigate and thrive in the web3 era.

Our Approach. At NAPHK, we believe that every startup is unique. That's why we have developed a customized approach to acceleration that caters to the individual needs of each startup. Our program offers two dedicated streams: the Technology Scheme, which focuses on web3 development, and the Business Scheme, which targets strategic growth and funding.

Our Impact. Since our inception, NAPHK has helped numerous startups in Hong Kong successfully integrate web3 technologies and scale their businesses. Our alumni have gone on to secure significant funding, collaborate with leading industry partners, and have a lasting impact on the web3 ecosystem.

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Cyberport Accelerator Support Programme

The Cyberport Accelerator Support Programme prepares Cyberport incubatees and alumni for international markets and investors, providing up to HK$300,000 financial assistance to each successful applicant.

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Digital Vision Brands strive to be the market-leading blockchain technology company, providing Virtual Asset as a Service (VaaS) model. We provide detailed platform architecture design and integrate blockchain technology into existing and even new business models. We make digital asset creation easy.

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Ooosh Tech Lab is an ecosystem for disruptive technology investments. We are dedicated to helping startups grow, driving investments, and most importantly, facilitating secondary investments that lead to re-investments. Our ecosystem operates through four catalysts: Coworking Spaces, Venture Capital, Startup Accelerator, and Investment Club.

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Whether you're focused on technology development or business strategy, NAPHK's program streams offer the specialized support and resources your startup needs to thrive in the web3 era. Embrace the web3 revolution and elevate your startup with NAPHK.
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