Technology Scheme
Application deadline
On Rolling-basis
3 Months
program Fee
Up to HK$ 400,000
Program manager
Stella Cheong @ Digital Vision Brands
Our Technology Scheme is designed to provide startups with end-to-end support in key web3 development areas. We help you build and scale your virtual asset creations, smart contract development, and front-end and back-end development to ensure a seamless integration of web3 technologies into your business.

Virtual asset creation: Guidance in designing, developing, and deploying digital assets

Smart contract development: Assistance with creating secure and efficient smart contracts

Front-end and back-end development: Support in developing user-friendly interfaces and robust server-side infrastructure

Embrace the web3 era with our Technology Scheme and propel your startup's growth through expert guidance and resources tailored to your needs.
Accelerate Your Web3 Adoption.
Whether you're focused on technology development or business strategy, NAPHK's program streams offer the specialized support and resources your startup needs to thrive in the web3 era. Embrace the web3 revolution and elevate your startup with NAPHK.
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